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Dr. Paul Lubitz's Bio:

Dr. Paul Lubitz is an experienced, Canadian and American licensed dermatologist who currently practices out of his Bow Valley Dermatology clinic, which is located in Canmore General Hospital in Canmore, Alberta. Having practiced dermatology for over ten years, Dr. Lubitz is highly skilled in all aspects of the field, from disease prevention and medical dermatology, to skin cancer treatment to cosmetic surgery and skin enhancement.     Growing up in Scarborough, Ontario, Dr. Lubitz’s childhood was filled with interests that ranged from music to literature to the visual arts. However, as the doctor can distinctly recall, it was an interest in medicine that, at the precociously young age of ten years, particularly struck a chord with the young boy. Placing consistently in the top 1% of his class throughout his primary and high school years, Dr. Lubitz eventually went on to attend McGill University, graduating with distinction from the school in 1991. Having now earned a Bachelor of Science degree, Dr. Lubitz recalled his early love for medicine and, with this in mind, he applied and was accepted to the prestigious medical program at Queen’s University in Ontario in 1992.     As a young, engaged medical student, Dr. Lubitz considered it highly important that he expose himself as much as possible to all types of medicine, and not simply to the medicine found in Canada. Indeed, as a student, Dr. Lubitz considered it fundamental to his development as a doctor that he understand how other health care systems in other countries function. To that point, visits to foreign countries, and specifically, to third world countries, were frequent experiences during Dr. Lubitz’s time as a medical student.     All told, from 1986 to 1996, Dr. Lubitz made many trips to Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South America and, during these trips, he helped bring primary health education and medical care to a host of underserved communities. From 1993 to 1996, the doctor was actively involved in malaria work in Amazonas Brazil and Guyana in South America. And in those same years, the young Dr. Lubitz also helped in crucial research investigating new means for diagnosing malaria in Guyana. For his contribution to improving the quality of health care in Guyana, in 1995, Dr. Lubitz was awarded with a citation of honour by the country’s Prime Minister, the Hon. Samuel Hinds, an award that Dr. Lubitz still considers today as one of his most memorable accolades.     In 1996, Dr. Lubitz graduated with distinction from Queen’s University with a Doctor of Medicine degree. Dr. Lubitz had always a passion for the visual arts, in particular for the mediums of photography, painting and sculpture. And it was this interest that inspired Dr. Lubitz to continue his medical studies and specialize in the field of dermatology.      In 1996, Dr. Lubitz was successfully accepted to the University of Alberta’s Postgraduate Residency Training in the Division of Dermatology and Cutaneous Sciences in Edmonton Alberta. This five-year long residency program involved an intense curriculum of lectures, hands-on and lecture surgical courses and ended with the doctor’s successful completion of the program in 2001. That same year, Dr. Lubitz successful completed the Canadian certifying exam in Dermatology given by the Royal College of the Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, in addition to the exams given by the American equivalent, the American Academy of Dermatology.      After successfully completing his residency training in 2001 and earning his license to practice dermatology, Dr. Lubitz gained additional hands-on clinical experience by working as a locum dermatologist at several well known and established Canadian medical offices as far east as St. John’s Newfoundland, north as Inuvik, North West Territories and west as Edmonton Alberta over the next couple of years.      Dr. Lubitz realized that even though he was a Board Certified Dermatologist in both Canada and the USA following the completion of this dermatology training in 2001, he could benefit from additional surgical training if he wanted to be in a position to offer his patients the most advanced treatment options in the future that were available. To this end, and extending for several years after his residency training, Dr. Lubitz engaged in extensive additional education and training particularly in the fields of advanced skin care, skin cancer diagnosis and surgery, and skin enhancement and cosmetic surgery.     In addition to his experience as a medical practitioner, Dr. Lubitz has almost ten years of experience owning and running an advanced medical and surgical dermatology office. To that point, in 2010, Dr. Lubitz opened the Bow Valley Dermatology clinic in Canmore General Hospital, a medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology practice.   In 2014, Dr. Lubitz was excited to have the opportunity to open Art of SKIN Dermatology and DermaSpa, located in beautiful downtown Canmore, Alberta.  Art of SKIN is a complete skin centre that is focused on providing the people of the Bow Valley region with a wide range of advanced diagnostic and treatment services to address the increasing spectrum of medical, surgical and cosmetic skin diseases and conditions.  The clinic emphasizes the education of its patients in addition to providing a comfortable, calm and personal environment in which patients can benefit from direct, unrushed care from Dr. Lubitz and his expertly trained staff. Art of SKIN is where Dr. Lubitz currently provides the majority of his dermatologic services with the exception of cutaneous surgery for skin cancer that he continues to offer at his Canmore Hospital clinic location.     Most recently, Dr. Lubitz and Art of SKIN Dermatology and DermaSpa introduced its own line of professionally developed, skin care products called FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD Skincare.  The Fifth Element Skin Care line contains a variety of clinically proven, and naturally sourced ingredients specifically chosen to hydrate, strengthen and nourish the skin. Very importantly, the FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD product lines have been developed specifically to help combat the harsh Alberta and Canadian mountain environments that are a lot more demanding than the humid environments of the Pacific or Atlantic coastal regions. Of special note is that these two product lines have been developed with the direct, professional input and advice of Dr. Lubitz, an accredited dermatologist with over 15 years of treating skin diseases in Canada and his wife Catherine, who herself has more than 15 years working in the skincare, and cosmetic industries.       

Dr. Paul Lubitz's Interests & Activities:

dermatology, traveling, photography, Native Artwork, breeding of Great Danes

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